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Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing Consultant for Therapists, Healers and Wellness Professionals


"I will help you building a solid, sustainable and prosperous business to have the freedom and independence you deserve while making an impact on your clients and the world!"

Business Discussion

If any of these statements sounds familiar to you...

  • I already have another job and want to transition into working full time on my business.

  • I want to build my own business but don't know where to start.

  • I already have a business but I'm having a hard time making it work...

  • I have a functioning business and want to innovate and expand it.

Then you'll want to listen

to these stories! 

Terry Swan

Jane Burning

Cyrille Labesse


Let's Build Your Therapy Business Together

Over the past 3 years my team and I have helped dozens of Therapists, Helpers and Wellness Professionals to build and expand a business that truly reflected their way of life.


If you feel it's time to build your full time business and give your contribution to the world, get in touch and let's find the best way we can work together!


Knowledge • Experience • Support

White Structure

+100 Therapists


International Network


A Tribe for Light Workers

Our Services
Take a Look and Choose the
Program that Best Suits Your Needs

Poppy Flower


Build and Grow Your Business

 A yearlong Mentoring program for Therapists who are ready to 

Build and Expand their Full Time Therapy Business.

Designed to get you all the Support, Structure, Knowledge and Experience you need to bring your Business to the Next Level.

Coriander Seeds

Find Out Where You Stand

A Cycle For Therapists who want to move forward with a clear plan and destination.

Designed to give you a full understanding of where You and Your Business stand and what you need to do reach your True Goals.

Drone Over the Mountains


Move the Energy and Go

Standalone Session for Therapists who have been Stuck for too long and want to bring some New Energy into the game.

A Session to Move the Energy and Clear your Path toward your Next Key Step.

"It's much more than building a business, it's about having a true impact and create a more just, equal

and fair society."


Cocreative Marketing

Cocreative Marketing

Cocreative Marketing
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Jane Burning's Full Interview with Vibrando Cura

Jane Burning's Full Interview with Vibrando Cura

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Cyrille Labesse Vibrando Cura Full Interview

Cyrille Labesse Vibrando Cura Full Interview

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Terry's Interview & Vibrando Cura

Terry's Interview & Vibrando Cura

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...And our Coming Soon Blog.

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