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Let's Build Your Therapy Business Together


Do you have the freedom and abundance of time and money you always dreamed of? In a world in crysis and on the edge of a collapse...what’s preventing you to take the first step toward starting your own business and gaining your freedom?


My name is Yoredamo, and if you let me, I’d like to share my story with you, the story of how I built my business from scratch and helped dozen of other people doing the same using a proven methodology I developed along the way!  


I come from Italy, middle class family, and in my early twenties I had already achieved everything the system could give me: I was working in the Silicon Valley, surrounded by the best mentors and colleagues in the world, making good money and having great status among my friends and family.  


From the outside, everything was perfect...but on the inside...something was missing.


As good as it looked like...that system didn’t make sense to me anymore.


I felt the loneliness and the anxiety of being stuck in a golden prison, a prison I had built with my own hands; a place where I could have everything I wanted but one thing: freedom. The freedom to own my own business and finally design my own life.


I was afraid of trying and losing it all. 

Afraid of taking the first big step forward and making the leap...and this fear held me back for a few months, till the day everything changed. 


The day my heart broke.


I was watching this dramatic footage of one of worst environmental disasters of the last decade happening live in front of my eyes. A dam collapsed in Brasil, and everything was being the destroyed by the chemicals coming out of it. Everything was devastated for hundreds of kilometers. 


My heart broke: i just couldn’t stand being working normally in an office while things like these where happening in the world. While the world kept being such a corrupted and unjust place. I needed to do something: I needed to build a business which would allow me to have a real impact in the world while living the life I always dreamed of, serving others.


It was 2017, and that was when I finally decided take action, face my fears, stop procrastinating and finally building my own business. 


It’s been 4 years since, and I’m here telling you the story about this incredible journey that led me to run my own business, mange my time, my money, my freedom and most importantly helping dozens of people, talented therapists and healers to do the same: build their business and leave their own dent in the world.


People like Terry Swan, who transitioned from working full time as a public servant, to opening her own practice, generating a steady and abundant monthly income and finally working on writing her first book! 


Or like Jane Burning, who transitioned from working as a helper for other therapists, to generating her own clients online, selling her own services and setting the foundation for her own methodology. 


Or many other clients of mine give the first key steps toward building their business and didn’t stop ever since!


Why am I telling you these stories? Because helping people like Terry, like Jane and like many other building their own business is my passion, and if at some point you connected with my words above, I’d love to help you too, using my proven methodology! 


The methodology is named Cocreative Marketing and is based on 4 pillars: 1) discover and connect with your purpose, talents and strengths; 2) learning new key skills for the development of you business; 3) being constantly motivated and innovating on a daily basis; 4) creating and executing effective plans designed around your goals and unique skillset. 


How do you do that on your own? How do you stay connected with your purpose and motivated? How do you choose the most important skills for your business? How do you set your goal and supervise your actions?


There’s no need to do everything on your own: it’s hard, heavy and unnecessary. So let me invite to grab a coffee together and see how I can help you building your business. 


Just click the button below to start a conversation with me.

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Success Stories

Terry Swan

Jane Burning

Cyrille Labesse

Let's Build Your Therapy Business Together

Over the past 3 years my team and I have helped dozens of Therapists, Helpers and Wellness Professionals to build and expand a business that truly reflected their way of life.


If you feel it's time to build your full time business and give your contribution to the world, get in touch and let's find the best way we can work together!


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Build Your Business

 A yearlong Mentoring program for Therapists who are ready to 

Build and Expand their Full Time Therapy Business.

Designed to get you all the Support, Structure, Knowledge and Experience you need to bring your Business to the Next Level.

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Diagnostic Cycle

A Cycle For Therapists who want to move forward with a clear plan and destination.

Designed to give you a full understanding of where You and Your Business stand and what you need to do reach your True Goals.

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Discovery Session

Standalone Session for Therapists who have been Stuck for too long and want to bring some New Energy into the game.

A Session to Move the Energy and Clear your Path toward your Next Key Step.

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"It's much more than building a business, it's about having a true impact and create a more just, equal

and fair society."

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