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"I help people to become their own healer".

Jane Burning - Holistic Consultant and Helper

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About Jane

Jane works from a place of integrity and respect for self, others and the world. Through her own healing journey and awakening of her sacred bundle her purpose is to help others to see their own purity.

Jane has studied in the Western models of Social work and has delved deeply into traditional soul healing and energy work. More importantly, Jane has been blessed with a method to help heal on a cellular level. Understanding the soul and how we came to be in human form is the foundation of Jane’s work.

With an awareness of Native Family Systems and how generations of trauma have impacted individuals, since 2004 Jane has helped thousands of individuals disrobe shame, hurt, and anger allowing them to embrace their authentic selves.


Jane believes it is essential for us to recognize and heal our own emotional scars in order to begin rebuilding self, families and Nations.


Our Services

Take a Look and Choose the

Program that Best Suits Your Needs

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A yearlong Mentoring program for Therapists who are ready to Build and Expand their Full Time Therapy Business.

Designed to get you all the Support, Structure, Knowledge and Experience you need to bring your Business to the Next Level

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A Diagnostic Cycle For Therapists who want to move forward with a clear plan and destination.

Designed to give you a full understanding of where You and Your Business stand and what you need to do reach your True Goals.

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Standalone Session for Therapists who have been Stuck for too long and want to bring some New Energy into the game.

A Session to Move the Energy and Clear your Path toward your Next Key Step.

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